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Hatari Global Solutions Key Partnerships

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One of the key success factors of the Hatari operating model is the performance of service partners who deliver specialist components of the total client security solution. We will always work with incumbent service partners if it’s in the best interests of the client to do so. However, to support our delivery models Hatari have a best-in-class network of certified partners across a broad spectrum of specialist fields. This ensures that our clients only ever require one trusted point of contact to support their security needs.

environmental protection review

Risk Intelligence & Analysis

Information services, political and security risk, threat monitoring, and geopolitical analysis. Includes due diligence and investigations, and fixated risk management

fixated risk management

Enterprise Security Risk Management

Digitising risk management and enabling clients to manage entire security programmes from one place, driving efficiency and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements

security policy and governance

Security Design & Engineering

Security concept and technical design in support of design and build projects, including the application of centralised governance and technical standards for global programmes

privacy protection

Security Installations

Security systems upgrades or migrations, specifically focused on system unification and integration including CCTV, access control, intruder alarms and physical infrastructure

Security Guarding

Security Guarding

SIA licensed and trained protective guarding and canine services in support of pan industry requirements to safeguard people, property, and assets

Keyholding & response services

Keyholding & Response Services

Technology led, cost effective solutions to protect vacant property, including mobile security patrols, alarm response, lock/unlock and rapid response services

Travel Risk Management

Travel Risk Management

Technology led travel risk monitoring and travel tracking services, supported by highly effective and market leading medical response and remote evacuation services

penetration testing

Penetration Testing, Training & Assurance

Specialist red team penetration testing, security awareness and leadership training. Crisis and incident management scenario training. Quality & performance assurance reviews

Hatari Global Solutions Key Partnerships

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